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All our Wills and Trust Documents are drafted by specialist Barristers

Why should I register my Will?

You should register your Will to protect the people you love. At what will be a difficult time, knowing where your Will is kept will take away from them any unnecessary worry or concerns about the future.

Having your Will registered, and informing the people whom you wish to know of its whereabouts will save any unnecessary heartache.

If you don't make a Will, your choice has gone, and the rules of intestacy apply, which may well not suit you.

Is it completely free to register my Will?

Registering your Will on The UK Wills Register is completely free of charge. You can register your Will, notify your executor(s) or anybody else whom you wish to notify of its existence, make any amendments at any time, and print your details completely free of charge. There are no hidden extras and no charges of any kind.

How do I register my Will?

To register your will simply click here. There are a series of very simple steps to complete. We do not ask you for your Will itself or even a copy of it. We don't need to know what is in your Will.

Things you may need to help you with your registration are the name/address of your executor; the name of the solicitors, or other institution where you will is kept; and the names of anybody else you may wish to notify that your have registered your Will. Please note – you can go back into your 'Will registration' at any time and add or amend information.

Nick Wright

Often a Will cannot be found and this causes untold distress for those left to deal with the problem. This service quite simply enables to you to tell those whom you wish to know where your Will is located. You can update your information in confidence whenever you choose. You can decide who is allowed to know. All of this is totally free of charge and if at any time you wish to delete the information, you are, of course, able to do so. In short, you have nothing to lose, but much to gain by registering your Will with The UK Wills Register and I fully endorse it. This is an invaluable free service to the public and long overdue.

Nick Wright is a UK based Barrister, and formerly a solicitor for several years, who has an enviable reputation as a barrister who genuinely cares for his clients, and who passionately believes in justice

Photo: Nick Wright - Barrister