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All correspondence to : Hilton Regus Express, Outwood Lane, M90 4WP

All our Wills and Trust Documents are drafted by specialist Barristers

Terms & Conditions

  1. The UK Wills Register Limited (the “Company”) agrees to store securely all information provided by its clients. It will treat such information in total confidence.
  2. The Company will contact you from time to time in order to offer you advice regarding Wills and Probate or to enable you to amend your instructions and/or information only if you have given us permission to do so during the registration process.
  3. The Company will only give out information regarding the Client’s Will and/or its registration to such persons as are specifically nominated by the person registering the Will.
  4. Though it is the Company’s intention to offer a Will Storage Service in the future, at present the Company offers to store the registration only (not the Will itself) and that is its only role and purpose.
  5. The Company does not own the information provided, and the person registering the Will is at liberty at any time to amend or delete any or all information and also to remove a registration altogether, if so desired.
  6. The Company undertakes not to raise any charges whatsoever in relation to the storage of any Will Information, nor to impose at any time any further obligation upon the person registering the Will.
  7. From time to time, free of charge, the Company shall keep the Client advised of any recent developments in the law regarding Wills and Probate, only if you have given us permission to do so during the registration process, though the Company shall be under no strict liability to do so, nor can it be personally responsible for any inadvertent inaccuracies.
  8. The person registering the Will agrees to use his or her best endeavours to provide accurate information at the time of registration and to update any or all information in so far as details have since changed (for example, the making of a new will, the appointment of a new executor or a change of address).
  9. The person registering the Will agrees not to abuse the service in any manner by providing inaccurate information or registering a previous Will (by way of example only.)
  10. The Company provides a Search for a Will service on the site which is free but only available to the specific person or persons nominated by the the person who made the Will, and access is subject to a private and personal password generated by the Company
  11. This service enables any UK resident to lodge with the Company the basic information as to where the Will is kept, but does not permit any person to provide information regarding another person’s Will without the permission of the person whose Will it is
  12. The Company is at liberty in its sole discretion to delete any registration if it considers it is not in the general interests of the Company to permit that registration to be accepted.